Minimotif Miner (MnM) analyzes protein queries for the presence of short contiguous peptide motifs that have a known function in at least one other protein (Minimotifs), Minimotif functions include posttranslational modification of the minimotifs (PTM), binding to a target protein or molecule, and protein trafficking. One major limitation in MnM and other minimotif prediction approaches is that "false positive" minimotifs result from the relatively low sequence complexity of the sequence definition. MnM 3.0 uses a rich semantic model and trained algorithm to reduce false positive predictions. When tested on a large test dataset 39% of validated minimotifs were recovered with all false positives eliminated. This is set as the default filter on MnM 3.0. We suggest that the known biology of the protein query and be used in selecting minimotifs for experimental study.

Please cite the use of Minimotif Miner with the following citations:

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